Saturday, 13 March 2010

Weather Forecast for Climbing in El Chorro, Malaga and Granada

The crazy weather that Spain has seen this winter finally seems to have run its course and days of sun and blue skies seem have returned. The strange weather did mean that it was really important to plan the days carefully and I spent a long time scouring the web looking at weather forecasts - not just checking rain and sun predictions, but looking closely at wind strengths and wind direction.

These are the best sites I found found providing solid information about the weather in Andalucia.

Meteo Blue this has been the most accurate weather forecasting site this winter.

El Mundo Tiempo A good site with a neat map facility that gives you a quick overview of Andalucia if the weather is bad near you

There also a few web cams spread around the coast which can prove really useful when the weather is bad inland and you need to know whether to trek down to the coast for the climbing at Mijas, St Anton or Los Vados.

There are not any web cams inland around El Chorro at the moment, which is a shame.

The key thing to remember is that there is lots and lots of climbing between El Chorro, Malaga and Granada and it is very unlikely that you have to lose a day - yo may have to travel for 40 miles / one hour, but at least you will be climbing.