Saturday, 1 November 2008

A busy two weeks. Arriving back in Spain at Malaga airport at 10pm I had the first clients of the season the following morning - Helen and Vicky wanted 3 days coaching to improve their leading. We went to Archidona crag the first day and climbed on the new routes on the side walls above the main cave. There has been a lot of development here recently with lots of well bolted grade 6 sports routes. This is now a really great little area in a great situation.

The other days we visited the crags behind Villanueva del Rosario with the day at El Torcalito being especially good and both Helen and Vicky climbed really well.

Almost immediately after they left Gin arrived for 7 days of coaching concentrating on trad leading. It was great fun working with Gin because she had a brilliant attitude and just threw herself into the course whole heartedly. We explored a lot of areas - Los Pinos, El Chamizo, Loja and Archidona despite the weather being a bit iffy and on the cold side.

The house was nicely busy because I was also hosting Lou and Toby who were across from Wales.