Sunday, 7 February 2010

Latest Courses in Spain

A great week long course with Steve that covered aspects of climbing needed to be an climbing instructor - rope work, looking after clients, belays and lots of climbing - was followed by a quick trip down to Tarifa for a couple of days bouldering and performance coaching.

The week with Steve was largely spent in the area behind Villanueva del Rosario on El Corral, Los Pinos and Taco del Madera with a couple of trips to Villanueva del Cauche on cooler days to make the most of the sun.

The photo to the side shows the terrain behind our village - karst limestone hills that are typified by the well known crags of El Torcal that are just 15km to the north.

The big blob of rock behind Steve is El Chamizo, the highest peak in the area and the "small" diamond shaped buttress of clean rock to its left is the 250m high El Diamante.

We are actually standing on top of a 300m buttress after completing a multi-pitch trad climb.

After dropping Steve off I headed south to Tarifa and had one day on the Mosaic Walls and one days on the sea side boulders with Andy and Sarah.

The last time I went to Tarifa it was really windy, but conditions this time were perfect and I even managed to sneak in some personal bouldering as the sun went down.

Back tonight to Malaga to pick up India for a coaching course - the weather looks good for the week ahead so we will probably stay in the hill behind the house.


James said...

Hi, stumbled across your post because i am on the constant hunt to try and find some good bouldering spots in and around gibraltar. there seems to be very little info on the net which is very annoying! you mentioned bouldering in Tarifa, is that actually on the beach just before Betiz or what? any detailed info would be GREATLY appreciated.


Silvia Fitzpatrick said...

The best bouldering area in Tarifa is near La Playa Bologna - from there go to Mirador El Moro. Park there and walk down a path for five minutes. Hope that helps - Silvia