Sunday, 7 February 2010

DMM Dragon Cams

The DMM Dragon cams were on show today at the ISPO trade show in Munich.

The cams on the DMM stand were taken from the first production batches going through the DMM factory and have evolved from the prototypes that were shown at the Friedrichshafen show in July.

The Dragons now feature an anodised 7075 aluminium thumb grip – this patented feature allows the Dragon to use a doubled 8mm dyneema sling to reduce the number of quickdraws that climbers need to carry.

The doubled 8mm dyneema sling can’t be used on a standard wire loop because under load the loop collapses and the dyneema then cuts through the wire at around 10kN (the same does not happen on the DMM 4CUs because the rear spacer stops the wire collapsing.).

The aluminium thumb grip is massively strong and lighter than the steel wire it replaced.

Other features include:

• Cam lobes that are massively strong in all positions not just the positions dictated by the CE test. DMM think that they are probably a bit too strong, but it build in some extra safety and could allow them to
• Cams have a 13.75 degree camming angle
• The cam springs are relavtively strong so the units seat well and resist movement.
• Terminations are very short so that the flexibility of the stem is maximised.
• The stem uses a specially treated zytel nylon cover that is very flexible across a massive range of temperatures and yet is very durable.
• The thumb grip is very strong in all directions and the sling resists over 14kN in any orientation.
• The doubled 8mm dyneema sling extends to form a 25cm long extender and saves a quickdraw.

There are more images below and there is a page on the Rock Climbing Company site that offers info on camming devices in general and building a climbing rack.

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