Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Climbing Wall - Villanueva del Rosario

My climbing wall in Spain is almost finished - all the boards are up, all 300 T-nuts are in place and I just need to do a bit more painting to finish the structure

Then I just need for the holds and mats to arrive.

In typical fashion the weather is improving rapidly despite some torrential rain on Monday night. Renee and Cheryl arrived on Monday for a Learn to Climb Outside / Learn to Lead Climb course and were obviously hoping for some Spanish sun afteer escaping from the artic conditions in the UK. They were defininately looking a bit forlorn when it was still raining on Tuesday morning - but the sun was out on the coast and St. Anton on the outskirts of Malaga was dry and warm.

St. Anton East is a great crag for learning how to lead climb because it is bolted very well, is not intimidating and has a good spread of grades from 4 to 7a.

The rock on most of the local crags has dried remarkedly quickly after the Christmas rain and it is only really the the tufa lines that are still wet - the forecast is for a more typical cold, dry weather system to take over now.

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