Saturday, 26 December 2009

Rock Climbing in Murcia + Almeria

The bad weather continues in Andalucia ( Malaga /Granada / El Chorro / Loja + Archidona are all totally wet ) and a couple of climbers have asked for more details on the climbing in Murcia.

Mula: The page is in Spanish, but all the info is pretty obvious. The crag is not easy to find and there is a bit of dirt track driving, but the map on the site is pretty good. The topo is OK and will give you enough to go at for a couple of days. The topo outlines the main sector "Ferrari" and the routes range from 6a to 7c (ish).

Cacin: There is less info on the web about Cacin. The link gives access instructions, but you will need to get hold of a copy of an old Desnivel for the topos.

The best weather service I have found for Spain is Meteoblue

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