Tuesday, 21 July 2009

DMM Torque Nuts

The photo on the left shows a DMM Torque nut that has been tested to destruction.

The 8mm dyneema webbing has pulled through the top of the nut at over 19.5kN. The dyneema webbing is pretty much in perfect condition.

The nut is rated at 14kN.

DMM have been busy fine tuning the Torque nuts over the last month and are now getting all the sizes breaking at over 17.5kN in any orientation on any size.

This is partly due to fine tuning the heat treatment, but largely due to perfecting the sewing on the 8mm dyneema.

DMM are pretty excited by this new dyneema webbing as it has allowed them to show the first 8mm dyneema quickdraws that use constant width webbing.

The dyneema uses a tubular costruction that is incredibly durable and resists fluffing really well.

The picture on the left shows another Torque nut that was pulled in another orientation and made 22kN before collapsing.

8mm dyneema vs aluminium - no contest..

There is more information on climbing on DMM Torque nuts and hexes on my website in the Climbing tips section under the main text about the climbing courses.

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