Sunday, 7 June 2009

Chilam Balam Cave Topo and Guide

After a frantic trip to Spain to help the aptly named Rok to learn how to climb - Rok was brilliant, one of the best, most determined clients that I have had - we have finished the first part of the Villanueva del Rosario climbing guide.

There is no published information to this area and so we have built the guide from scratch with the help of the local climbers - many thanks to the two Carlitos and Manolo.

The general consensus is that for the time being the guide will not be made public in order to keep the area quiet and unspoilt.

Documenting the amazing Chilam Balam cave was awe inspiring; Chilam Balam is obviously hard, but the sheer majesty of the lines of La Rubia and La Chispa makes them so jaw-droppingly good.

Time to train harder....

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